Functional Web Testing

If you intend to use Yadda for functional web testing then we recommend reviewing the following frameworks which build on top of Yadda and make this easier.

  • moonraker by LateRooms - An out of the box solution for BDD web testing using the page object pattern.
  • cucumber-boilerplate - boilerplate project for an easy and powerful setup of Yadda and WebdriverIO with predefined common Webdriver steps
  • mimik - Mimik is a behavior-driven testing framework and UI automation platform.
  • massah - Making BDD style automated browser testing with Node.js very simple.
  • y2nw - Yadda to NightWatch integration
  • ya-done - A ready to use yadda - selenium-webdriver - chai framework
  • ya-done-appium - Ready to use yadda BBD test framework with appium and chai

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