Yadda includes several examples, which demonstrate all the key features available and how to integrate Yadda with the common of test frameworks. To run the examples...

git clone https://github.com/acuminous/yadda.git
cd yadda
npm install
npm link
cd examples/<desired-example-folder>
npm install
npm test


  • The Zombie example doesn't install on windows, and is currently skipped in other environments (the tests started failing, so the site under test has probably changed.)
  • The webdriver example may fail depending on how google detects your locale.
  • Your operating system must support npm link.

More Examples

  • There's a great example of how to use Yadda on large scale projects here. Thanks very much to brianjmiller for sharing.
  • There is a pull request showing how to get yadda working with Appium. It didn't work out of the box so hasn't been pulled.
  • Issues #58 and #148 discuss integrating Yadda with Karma

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