Single Line Steps

Scenario: Some title

    Given some precondition
    And another precondition
    When I do something
    Then expect some side effect
    However some other side effect should not occur
  • Steps do not have to start with Given, When, Then, And or But.
  • Steps are trimmed (both right and left).
  • Steps do not support annotations.
  • Implement steps using Yadda step libraries and dictionaries

Multiline Steps

Scenario: Some title

    Given a poem
    The Loss of the Dredger
    A stormy night, with lashing waves,
    To send the sailors to their graves.
    The howling wind brings mist and fog,
    The captain notes this in his log.
    Then expect the poem to have one verse and four lines.
  • Multiline steps must be preceded by a "leading" single line step, e.g. 'Given a poem'. This is because the contents of the multiline step is appended to the "leading" step, separated with a line break (\n).
  • Multiline steps are demarcated by three or more consecutive dashes.
  • If the mutiline step is the last step in the scenario, the terminating dashed line is optional.
  • Multiline steps are left trimmed to start of the dashed line and right trimmed.

Structured Multiline Steps

Scenario: Some title

    Given some csv
    First Name,Last Name,Age
    Then expect Joe to be younger than John

Multiline steps can contain structured data such as tables, csv, xml and json, you only need to write a converter.

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